Helen Palama

Helen Palama
From the Office of: Dennis Realty & Investment Corp Hernando Beach, FL
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Helen Palama is a full time professional Real Estate Agent with Dennis Realty and Investment Corporation located in Hernando Beach, Florida.

Helen's motto is "Experience does count!"  So does loyalty, honesty, integrity and competence.  Helen strives to keep these traits at the top of her list when working for her customers.  Most become her friends for life because they realize that she does genuinely love people and helping them is one of her biggest joys in life!  Her 37 years of real estate experience has taken her through good markets and bad markets, buyers' markets and sellers' markets.  She has found out over years that everything is a learning experience and she makes it a point to keep up with the changes in the market and especially, technology.  Eight (8) out of her 37 years in real estate were spent working at the corporate headquarters of the largest real estate company in Louisiana, working as an REO Account Manager and Relocation Coordinator and handling foreclosure accounts with major banks, mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She also worked in property management, prepared Broker Price Opinions, negotiated Contracts and followed up with details until the properties closed.  

This has made Helen a better listing and sales agent over the years!  Helen's 37 years of experience helps her tremendously in the marketing and selling of your property and gives her the knowledge and patience to work well with all parties.  She strives hard to be the best that she can be.